“We live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns” — Aaron Sorkin

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One of the most important part of any code or program is how secure it is or how strong encryption algorithm , if we have not secured our passwords or authentication methods its always vulnerable and could have worse consequences.

So, what is Encryption?

Encryption is the method by which information is converted into secret code that hides the information’s true meaning.

Encryption provides:

Confidentiality encodes the message’s content.

Authentication verifies the origin of a message.

Integrity proves…

Sometimes I wish life could be easier.

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Being new to Python, I used to struggle to find ways to automate those hard coded python scripts. As every time I need to open my command prompt and run codes manually one after another.

Than one day, one of my friend suggested to use ‘PyInstaller’, a panacea, which made my day and now its child’s play to convert all those long scripts into an executable file, schedule it as you want and even share it wherever you want to use it. It’s huge relief and save lot of time and effort.


Simplest and quickest ways to do Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas

“Sometimes not much is just enough.” ― John O’Callaghan

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I am new to python and used to struggle often with minor data exploratory commands, there are numerous ways to explore datasets and do basic calculations, minor editing to research about data.

Initially, when we are new to python we come across several errors for simple commands, however these can overcome by simple user friendly tips and tricks. I came across some of these and thought of sharing with larger group, especially with new python users. I hope they like it.

I have taken Nobel Laureate dataset from Kaggle…

Learn! And never stop learning!! Learning is the new knowledge.

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I am very fond of reading since my childhood, more than that, I am so fascinated towards books that, I have a habit of collecting books, this is one of my best hobbies among others, which I would never like to change until corona beats me 😊. I have kept some of the books since the days of my high school and I prefer not to share with anyone not even with my dear ones. It looks awkward but that’s how it is. I love to keep them in my…

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

– Daniel Keys Moran,

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Source: Unsplash by Grant Durr

What is Data?

Why is it so important now a days?

Why it became oil of present day?

Why is it necessity now for most of the companies across the world?

There are millions of data scientists, researchers, statisticians, computer scientists across the world who does brainstorming each day to find out what is inside data and how to make it talk and how to use it and convert it into something useful, which would be worth millions.

Companies like Amazon, Google, Walmart…

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” — Henry Ford

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Image by Michał Parzuchowski — Unsplash

I switched my career to Data Science at the age of 46 that too after so much criticism and pressure from friends and family. I am passionate about coding and that’s long-time dream to achieve. This started after fighting with myself first as I was well settled in life and career, working as a People manager for Infrastructure team with Fortune 500 company and enjoying life of a much hyped manager (with minimum work, 90% delegation 😊). …

Tej Narayan

Data Scientist, Passion writing, enthusiast Python, Data Visualization

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